About Dr. Daniel

I always knew I wanted to find something that would let me talk to people and get to know them, work with my hands, and leave a positive influence on my community. Dentistry is a career that allows for all that while providing an awesome opportunity to serve others. 

I grew up in a farm family and have loved the opportunity to help with the operation. I love my family, friends, sports, the farm, music, traveling, photography, hiking, and cooking. I enjoy following my Cyclones and Packers. I (usually) love the game of golf and had the opportunity to play in college. My wife and I love the Des Moines area and are thrilled at the opportunity to return the city we met and were married in.

Dr. Daniel is not only a 2020 graduate of the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, but also: is an experienced dental claims analyst from Principal Financial Group, served as President of the Christian Dental Association while in school, values family close by, and rumor has it may know his way around the golf course.

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