About Dr. Eric


“If you want the best dental care you have ever had, go see Dr Eric. I had a crown and a bridge done and the procedure went great. He will make sure you are comfortable at all times.”

- Michael J.

Dr. Eric Forsberg

I’m Dr. Eric, co-owner and Dentist at Altoona Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. On a wing and a prayer we opened our doors for business in 2011. Since that time I’ve been delighted by the outpouring of support from patients and grateful for the opportunity to connect and be a part of individuals and families smiling more.

I graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2003 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery, and my first day in practice was in Newton, IA anxiously waiting and pacing for my license to be assigned while patients had already arrived and were waiting for their appointments. Looking back I can laugh now and be thankful for everything leading up to the present. Since then I’ve been a practicing dentist/owner (now Co-Owner with Dr. Nicole), was an adjunct faculty member of the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, and developed and moved locations twice to accommodate the needs of patients. 

Being a dentist is a great privilege, and I look forward to helping patients for many years to come. It’s rewarding to work with a healthy mix of people and perspectives and I truly enjoy the variety my career brings. We enjoy working with kids, teens, and adults alike and provide a wide range of individualized treatment options. Our team is here for the shy and scared person who’s seeking out their first positive dental experience as well as the fun-loving soul who’s looking to have a smile to match their inner self. Whether you have your smile examined regularly, or if it’s been a few years since your last visit we’ll be happy to serve you. Thanks for considering us, and we’ll look forward to your call….

Dr. Eric

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