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What Are Those Things At The Dentist’s Office? (Dental Tools)

What Are Those Things At The Dentist’s Office (Dental Tools)

Wondering about the dental tools you see during a dentist’s visit? Read this guide from Altoona Smiles in IA.

What Dental Tools Can I Expect To See When I Visit The Dentist?

  • Mouth mirror. The mouth mirror is an essential tool for dentists, as it provides them with a detailed and comprehensive view of the patient’s mouth. It consists of a small mirror attached to the end of a device, allowing the dentist to easily check for signs of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Furthermore, the mouth mirror is designed to fit comfortably in the mouth, allowing the dentist to move the tongue away without having to use their hands. As the inside of a mouth can be cramped and difficult to see into, the mouth mirror makes it much easier for a dentist to get a good view of the entire area.

  • Saliva ejector. This tool is useful for both the dentist and patient during a dental treatment. It acts as a small vacuum, suctioning away any excess saliva from the mouth. This helps keep the work area tidy and prevents the patient from swallowing any calculus or feeling overwhelmed by their saliva production. By simplifying the process, the saliva ejector is one of the most straightforward tools used by dentists.

  • Scaler. This device is used to remove tartar and plaque build-ups from your teeth and gums, particularly the larger amounts. Healthy teeth should pose no discomfort as the scaler is not used as often. On the other hand, those with conditions like gingivitis may feel some discomfort as the bacteria and inflammation of the gums are targeted. By using the scaler, tooth decay can be prevented, and it is an essential tool in combating gum disease.

  • Dental probe. Many people find the dental probe to be a source of fear, however, it is an important tool for finding cavities and gum disease. The probe has a sharp hook which is used to look for pockets between teeth and to scrape away plaque and tartar. It can cause discomfort when there is visible damage to the tooth, allowing the dentist to assess how much damage has been done and what needs to be done for the patient’s healing. Additionally, the probe is used to check the health of the gums, similar to the scaler, but with a particular focus on the gums. If the teeth are healthy, there is no need to fear the probe. If there is an issue with the gums, the dentist will have to work to remove any bacteria and plaque underneath.

  • Dental drill. If you have a cavity, it is important to visit the dentist to remove the decay. Although this may be a slightly intimidating experience for some, the use of a dental drill is a routine and harmless procedure. The dental drill is used to carefully eliminate the decayed area of the tooth before it is filled or to polish the tooth after a procedure is completed. The vibration of the drill may feel strange, however it will not cause any damage to your teeth.

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