When teeth have become discolored and stained over time, it can be hard to smile proudly. Thankfully there are options to brighten your smile and eliminate or manage dental staining. Your local pharmacy will have many options available, but they won’t be able to handle all types or severity of stains. Altoona Smiles offers a variety of professional whitening options that can handle any dental stain.

Introduction Professional Dental Whitening With Altoona Smiles

Of all the teeth whitening options available at your local pharmacy, most of them will use a hydrogen peroxide-based solution. This solution breaks down the film and proteins that create the stains on our enamel. This makes them easier to remove when brushing and flossing and a brighter smile. Unfortunately, these treatments aren’t capable of handling truly deep stains. They’re also unable to address stains that happen deep within the tooth. For these kinds of stains, professional care is needed.

The first stage of professional dental whitening involves determining the underlying source of the stain. As part of a pre-treatment examination, our team will identify the type of stain, what’s causing it, and the appropriate treatments to eliminate them. Dental staining falls into one of three categories:

 • Extrinsic Stains: This refers to stains that have formed on the outside of the tooth, typically on the enamel. They’re the easiest to address and are usually caused by dark-colored foods. They can also occur due to certain vices, such as tobacco use.

 • Intrinsic Stains: This is a type of stain that develops deep within the tooth, often in the dentin layer. At-home treatments are incapable of lightening dentin and thus require professional whitening to address.

 • Age-Related Stains: It’s not uncommon for our teeth to darken as we age. This can occur when the inner tooth begins to die or lacks calcium and Vitamin D. These types of stains are often treated with cosmetic options like veneers or dental bonding.

The solution used during professional dental whitening uses a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This makes them more effective and requires the oversight of a professional to prevent damage to your teeth.

How Altoona Smiles Can Help With Teeth Whitening 

Dental whitening is a cosmetic treatment that is non-invasive and generally safe for your teeth. Our team provides this service to our patients to ensure they have a bright and beautiful smile free from stains. Arrange a consultation with our clinic to determine if dental whitening is an appropriate step for you. You don’t have to live a life with yellowed and stained teeth; call us and get that bright smile you’ve always dreamed of today!