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Botox has been revealed to have a surprisingly broad range of uses in the medical and dental industry. It’s been proven that these treatments can provide benefits both of an aesthetic nature and address certain dental health concerns. Altoona Smiles is proud to offer botox related services for our patient family.

How Altoona Smiles Uses Botox In Cosmetic Dentistry

Botox saw its first unlikely therapeutic use in the medical industry. As more uses for it were found as both a cosmetic and therapeutic treatment, it soon became adopted by the dental industry. Along with being an effective cosmetic treatment for wrinkles and gummy smiles, our team can use it to treat bruxism and TMJ disorder. As techniques were improved and more affordable, they became used in a growing number of dental offices. Every year sees the discovery of an increasing number of therapeutic and cosmetic treatments using botox.

Altoona Smiles is proud to offer treatments utilizing botox.

  • Gummy Smile – Some patients feel that their smiles reveal too much gum line, making them reluctant to share them. While gingival sculpting is an available treatment, it involves undergoing surgery. Botox can address this by being injected into the upper lip, reducing the appearance of the gum line when smiling.
  • Wide Jaw Lines – A wide jawline can result from a muscle in the jaw known as the masseter muscle. Botox helps reduce the muscle mass in this area, which serves to slim the jawline. This can be done both as an aesthetic treatment or as dental therapy.
  • Wrinkles, Lines, Creases – One of the earliest uses of botox was treating facial wrinkles and creases. By reducing the amount of action in the muscles in the target areas, the skin relaxes, reducing the visibility of these defects.

Learn How Altoona Smiles Can Improve Your Smile

If you’re prepared to explore the world of botox then give us a call! We can arrange a consultation with our cosmetic dentistry specialist. You’ll receive a full exam and an assessment of your cosmetic treatment needs. Step by step, we’ll work with you to design a treatment plan that addresses all of your concerns. Call our dental office today to get started with your cosmetic treatment options!

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Dr. Eric & Dr. Nicole photo stating that they are certified members of the AAFE as well as use Botox.